Manifest Color

Project Processes

  • Business strategy
  • Conversion optimization
  • Creative strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • E-commerce development
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Web design
  • Web development
Manifest Color home

Project background and description

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Michael is an creative entrepreneur located in Asheville, North Carolina, US.

He makes beautifull clothes since the early 80’s.

Most of his products are One of a Kind, meaning there are not more than one product of a certain item in the world.

Michael came to me to help him move his Etsy shop to his own platform so he can have full control over his customers experience.

Today, his work can be found in select boutiques from Asheville, NC to Beverly Hills, CA.

Project goals and objectives

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Establish an online presence.

Create a shop where products can be sold to customers in a safe and secure way.

Create a news channel where customers can read the latest articles and news about Manifest Color topics.

Create a Newsletter list.

Create an affiliate section for customers.

Creative strategy

The shop

I’ve made the shop layout simple and intuitive by showcasing on each category a picture of one item located inside the category.

Manifest Color shop

Category section

This section shows to costumers all the products located inside a category.

At the top of every category page we decided to add a banner showcasing a model dressed with clothes from the same category.

Manifest Color product listing

Product page

I’ve choosen for the product page a simple layout with thumbnails bellow the main image.

This type of layout converts better, because the majority of customers are used to it.

Manifest Color product page

Newsletter section

The Newsletter section helps to capture new leeds and potential customers to advertise the products, plus offers another channel for Manifest Color team to comunicate with their customers.

Manifest Color newsletter

One of a kind

I’ve added a badge for every one of a kind item with the label “Limited”.

This shows to costumers that this types of products has only one item in stock.

Manifest Color limited product listing

Customer account

We’ve separated customers in separated accounts in order to offer discounts for big shops that want to purchase products in large amounts.

Manifest Color user account

Recently viewed

I’ve added a related products section bellow the product section, to increase conversions by listing similar products with the one that the user added to cart.

Manifest Color recentlly viewed

The checkout process

For the checkout section, I’ve choosed a very simple and intuitive interface.

Since Michael and his team just started selling online we need to make sure the checkout is as easy as possible to use.

Manifest Color checkout page

Affiliate area

I’ve added an affiliate area, to help Manifest Color increase sales. Affliates will refer website visitors and soon as one of those visitors turn into a customer, Manifest Color will give a share of the sale to the affiliate partner.

Manifest Color affiliate section

News section

I’ve added a simple news section similar to a blog where the staff can add the latest news and events so the customers will stay informed.

Manifest Color news

My role in the project

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I’ve worked with Michael as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer.

My role was to create the website from scratch and create a user interface that will help customers buy securely and easily without headaches.

Success metrics and results

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Today following my advice, Manifest Color has started seeing traction.

More measurements will be listed later as we gather more data.