Kallos Joomla template

Kallos Joomla Template

The problem that I’ve tried to solve

Many small businesses can’t afford to pay a developer, especially a high quality one to produce for them an e-commerce solution.

Kallos is a template that I had built with the initiative to offer a fast and affordable e-commerce template for the Joomla platform, for small and midsize businesses.

The template can be used on any e-commerce website because it is a multiporpuse template.

The user has the power to change sections and blocks as he sees fit to present his products or the services he sells.

Template sections solutions

Slideshow section

This section helps the owner highlight unlimited events or products.

Recommended is not more than 3 products.

Kallos home

Featured products section

This section allows the shop owner to capture the customer attention by listing 4 products.

If the client’s attention is captured he can click on one of the “Read More” buttons where the shop owner can offer more details about the product.

Kallos featured products section

One featured product

The most important product and its features ca be listed on this section to capture client attention.

One featured product section

Portfolio section

If the shop owner has a portfolio of products or services, all of them can be listed on this section.

The visitor is encouraged to click the “Purchase Now” button to buy a product or service right from the home page.

This section is acompanied by a testimonials section, to prove the product or service quality.

Porfolio section

6 color types

Kallos was built with 6 color types in mind to help small business owners save time by selecting a premade color.

This will save a lot of time because no custom work is needed to change the colors and that time can be put to better use like selling the products and making more money.

Kallos 6 colors

How Kallos helped start-up entrepreneurs

Kallos has sold more than 5000 copies to start-ups and midsize companies all over the world.