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FFL123 home

Project background and description

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FFL123 is owned by Brandon Maddox.

Bradon enjoys 100% positive feedback for almost two decades on eBay, and also has a 100% positive feedback on GunBroker as a buyer & seller for almost ten years.

FFL123 has been in business for over a decade and is “A+” Rated by the Better Business Bureau and a member of their honor roll.

The owner, Brandon, is President of the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association (DTCGA) and also President of the South Dakota Firearms Industry Association (SDFIA).

FFL123 has sold products to this date to 75,000 happy customers.

Products for sale: online courses.

Project goals and objectives

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Convert Sketch files to a theme that is fast and easy to use.

Improve website loading times.

Improve the sales process and conversions.

Improve user accounts and the subcriptions section.

Create an improved Newsletter list to generate new leads.

Creative strategy

Navigation section

I’ve improved the navigation section. On the original website the navigation became sticky at the top of the page as the user scrolls the page.

This was good but also posed problems on mobile because the navigation took too much space on the page covering vital information.

My solution was to display the navigation bar only when the user scrolled to the top and remove it entirely as the user scrolled down.

FFL123 navigation

Conversion message

The original website didn’t explain to users what exactly they were getting in exchange for their money and that the subcription is an yearly plan leading to negative fellings & confusion from customers.

I’ve added a small message bellow the pricing tables explaining to users what they will get once they subscribed and in this way customer loyalty will increase. When customer loyalty will increase, subscription renewals will increase as well.

FFL123 pricig tables message

Improved checkout

On the old website when the customers will purchase an online course they will need to create new accounts every time.

This was a big drawback, time consuming and a conversion killer.

I’ve allowed customers to create accounts one time and login with their credential every time they want to purchase a new course or do a renewal.

FFL123 checkout login

Reduced the fields number

I had to reduce the number of fields and checkboxes on the Billing Information page to help increase conversions.

Too much information was requiered from customers and that was killing conversions.

FFL123 checkout billing

Conversion message

I’ve added a message above the checkout button to let customers know that the courses access will be instant once they pay.

This will inform users when they receive their products and adds tremendous value to conversions because today customers expect everything instantly.

Once they know they will receive the product instantly they will click faster the checkout button.

FFL123 checkout payment

Improved upselling technique

On the old website the upselling process was made on the checkout page inside the cart. This was bad for conversions because if the customer is a first time buyer he doesn’t trust the shop enough to buy 2 products and it also complicates the purchase process by paralyzing the users senses because they need to choose. Because of this many users will abandon the checkout and never buy anything.

I’ve used a new technique by moving the upsell on the Thank You page. Here the user already bought a product, paid for it and already received it.

Now he trusts the shop enough to buy another product and that is the upsell. I’ve offered the upsell at a 25% for a one time purchase. If the customer leaves the Thank You page the offer is gone forever. Fear of losing forces the customer to buy. In this way shop sales will increase even more and the owner gets more money to enjoy life!

Old upsell technique

FFL123 upsell old

New upsell technique

FFL123 upsell

Improved user account area

The old user account misses a lot of vital information for customers.

Users didn’t know were to renew, were to find the orders, cart, addresses and any other information that you can find on any shop today.

I’ve improved this section by adding pages for all the features needed.

Minicart integration

Because the shop had only a few products, the owner considered that he doesn’t need a minicart or a cart page.

That was bad for conversions and user experience because if somehow the customer decided to change the product in the cart or add another one, that was not possible and sales will be lost.

My solution was to add a ”cart page” and a ”mini cart icon” in the top right corner of the website.

FFL123 minicart

Empty cart conversion

If the users navigate to the empty cart I decided that is better to fill this space with a new conversion technique.

I’ve added all 3 courses bellow the “Empty cart” message.

In this way the user is adviced to add a product to cart.

My role in the project

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I’ve worked with Brandon as a ecommerce consultant, UI/UX designer and front-end developer. My role was to improve conversions and the user experience on the website, to help customers buy securely and easily without headaches.

I’ve worked with Bradon for 8 months to complete the new strategy.