Case studies

Case studies

Projects to which I’ve contributed

Bellow are listed a couple of my projects to which I’ve contributed by helping to build a better interface or the entire website to increase conversions.

From rewamping the entire design to improving the time load and user experience.

I’ve worked on a lot of projects during my career, unfortunately there isn’t room or time to list all of them.

Because of that I’ll list only a few recent ones.

Kallos Joomla template

Kallos was built with the initiative to offer a fast and affordable template for small and midsize businesess.

Kallos supports many popular extensions like K2, RokSprocket, Rokbox, RokGallery and the e-commerce solution Hikashop.

Kallos has sold more than 5000 copies to start-ups and midsize companies all over the world.

Kallos Joomla Template

Manifest Color

Michael is a creative entrepreneur located in Asheville, North Carolina, US.

He has made beautiful clothes since the early 80’s.

Many of the products are ”One of a Kind”, meaning there isn’t more than one product of a certain item in the world.

Michael came to me to help him move his Etsy shop to his own platform so he can have full control over his customers’ experience.

Today, his work can be found in select boutiques from Asheville, NC to Beverly Hills, CA.

Manifest Color home
Manifest Color home

Medani World

Amal Medani is a fashion designer located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Amal worked as an international development practitioner at the United Nations and in a variety of related international organizations that spanned the globe from Africa and the Middle East to West and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Her fashion products are built in Milan and Venezia and are sold all over the world through pop-up stores and now in the online store that I’ve helped her build.

All bags are premium and high ticket merchandise that are sold for thousands of euros and because of that the store needed a premium look.

Amal came to me to help her move from selling on social media to her own store.

Medani World home page

FFL123 Federal Firearms License

Brandon Maddox is an entrepreneur from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, US.

He helps people  receive from the US Government their Federal Firearms License by offering them online courses.

Brandon, the owner and CEO, came to me to help him with the front-end development for his site.

The design was made by his inhouse designer but I had to improve some certain aspects to increase conversions.

FFL123 home