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I’m working on a keep it simple principle approach. For an interface to be easily usable it must be very simple.

I love helping entrepreneurs build their dreams.

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Who am I?


Nice to meet you!

My name is Costas Sacas. I’m an ecommerce expert. Like many of you I’m a part of the Millennial Generation that has grown up surrounded by technology and the new medium, the Internet.

I’m a perfectionist.

And a high premium quality lover.

Most of my knowledge is from professionals in the ecommerce development industry, from webinars, online tutorials and books written by well known experts.

Working on websites and in teams in the past, I’ve noticed a lot of disagreements between the representatives of these 3 fields: web design, front-end development and e-marketing.

Because neither one of the teams had knowledge about the other one’s field of work a lot of disagreements appeared and very poor quality projects were delivered to clients.

I figured out that the smartest choice was to learn all these 3 disciplines: web design, front-end development and ecommerce marketing.

These 3 disciplines all correlate one with the other and I’ve noticed that it is very important to know all 3 to create a high quality ecommerce product.

In this way I managed to remove the friction between a graphic designer, a front-developer and an on site marketer or conversion expert.

This has proven to me time after time that I could save a lot of money to my clients and I can provide high value products in less time.

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Why should you hire me?

I have 15+ years of experience in ecommerce development.

My experience is global. I do not work only locally. I work with shop owners all over the globe.

I have a huge experience in the EU & US markets, so if you want to enter these markets I can offer you my expertise.

I design with code directly in the browser. This shortens the time of the development for your shop and you can test the design directly in the browser.

Because I can design and code your website interface in a shorter amount of time than hiring a graphic designer and a front-end developer.

A designer who doesn’t know front-end development and is not familiar with browser constraints, will not know how to create reusable code patterns and because of that when a front-end developer will convert the design your website will have a lot of code that will slow the website loading time.

A slow loading time will translate in lost visitors. Lost visitors means lost sales. Lost sales means less money for your business and as you know missing cash flow in the business means you’re one step closer to closing the shop. If you close the shop your dreams will be shattered.

I know what failing as an entrepreneur means, I failed myself before. It’s devastating and horrible.

If you failed one time and you can’t afford to do it again please send an email right now!

Another disadvantage, if the designer doesn’t know how to code, is that the code will be hard to maintain because of complexity. High complexity means higher maintenance costs.

If you have higher maintenance costs that means you are spending money where you shouldn’t have too. These money could be better invested in your product or in a vacation with the ones you love.

Why should you spend money on bad code when you can save them?

I’ve helped companies to save from thousands to millions of dollars in maintenance costs by optimizing bad code.

By hiring me you will reduce the time and money invested in the project and increase your shop sales.

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I blog

I give advice and write tutorials from my 17+ years expertise on my blog.

Interested in what I have to say? I blog here: howcommerce.com

If you want a new friend or if you want to get to know each other better you can follow me here: @CostasSacas.

The world is often unkind to new talents, new creations. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.

“Anton Ego – Ratatouille”