Hi, I am Costas Sacas

I'm a senior ecommerce developer with over 40520+
hours of experience building ecommerce websites
for businesses across the globe.

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Front-end development

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Page loading speed, responsive layout, SEO optimization
and code optimization are things that will help increase
your conversions rates and reduce your business costs.

UI/UX design

Senior UI/UX

Beautiful and easy to use designs that pops and draws instant
attention from your potential customers with elements
that increase your conversions and client retention.

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Ecommerce development


Senior ecommerce

I’ve developed ecommerce websites for different types of businesses from start-ups to big companies that generate up to 7 figures income.


Digital marketing

Years of experience in emarketing and esales. When designing and developing a project this gives me a unique advantage that will help you increase your shop sales. 


Increase sales, save time & money


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Do you want to increase your sales numbers and save money at the same time? My refined skills in design, development, ecommerce, marketing, user experience and project management will increase your website conversions and help you save resources like time and money.